About Me

Intelligent Corporate Finance is an advisory business which provides a broad range of corporate finance services, predominantly to owner managed businesses.  Steve Thornhill, a corporate financier of over 25 years, is the man behind the business.  I am an entrepreneurial businessman and have honed my advisory skills holding senior positions in KPMG Corporate Finance, BDO Corporate Finance and most recently RSM Tenon Corporate Finance where I held a partner position.

So what makes me different from the others?

  • Well first, I have also held a variety of FD and MD positions outside of professional practice, including being FD of a full list public company. So I have sat both sides of the advisory fence, which while not unique gives me a great advantage when advising my clients.
  • Second, I still run a couple of my own businesses. I can’t stop being entrepreneurial!
  • Third, I put the same amount of passion into providing advice as I would if it were my own deal I was doing. When you need someone in the trenches with you to dig out of a deal issue or to develop an innovative solution to a blockage, I am your man.

A deal is like a (temporary) marriage and the success of that marriage depends on a mutual respect and liking.  So as there is only so much time in a year,  I work with people whom I respect and whom I like.

That’s always a good start.  I don’t start something I don’t think I can finish and have a very high success rate.  I am always happy to have a chat about your business goals and how I might help.  You will get an honest opinion and, if we want to work together, a hard working, very experienced advisor to guide you through the twists and turns of the world of getting a financial transaction complete.


Give us a call. What’s to lose? 15 wasted minutes at worst. Or maybe the start of a great relationship.

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